Design and construct greenhouse frame

The application of high-tech glasshouse to agriculture in Vietnam is an inevitable trend because beside output,  the requirement of quality of products is increasingly demanding. Therefore, farmers need to meet the advanced farming techniques so that their products are acceptable in the domestic and overseas market.

Regard to the necessary conditions, the glasshouse is an optimal solution for this requirement. However, in order to the glasshouse goes into effect, the issue needs to be taken seriously. The investors have to study the solution for frame, materials,  irrigation systems, regulating temperature system, ... to create the perfect environment for farming. Especially, the design and construction of glasshouse frame is the most fundamental issue before going to the next steps.


QUOC KY with a team of experienced and skilled engineers researched and created glasshouse frames for agricultural applications.  Meeting the needs of the agricultural investors in constructing the Basic Glasshouse:

The frame made ​​of high tensile steel to shape, links disconected parts and fixed specialized plastic splints. All  are designed intelligently to meet the needs of design and construction.

Design and construction of glasshouse frames as required for different types of glasshouses to meet the various needs of farming, such as: glasshouse for families, centers, urban, agricultural production on large scale,…

Construction's team of experienced engineers and skilled workers are able to meet the all demand because we are designers, manufacturers of glasshouse frame and provide universal solutions for design and construction of glasshouses in the agriculture.